An Illustrated Book of Loaded Language

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Learn to hear what's left unsaid.
An Illustrated Book of Loaded Language An Illustrated Book of Loaded Language

“In this adorably illustrated book, old Mr. Rabbit is your guide to loaded language. He mines real reporting (by respected and rogue media alike) to unmask rhetoric that shifts blame, erases responsibility, dog-whistles, plays on fear, or rewrites history—subtly or shamelessly. It takes a long pair of ears to hear what’s left unsaid—but when the very notion of truth is at stake, listening for 'spin' makes all the difference.”

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I’m thrilled that the project I shared with you all late last year will be out in print this October November. It will look absolutely stunning, with 13+ original illustrations and a gorgeous cover by the always outstanding Alejandro Giraldo.

Transforming the working draft to a hardcover couldn't have been done by a better team. The project is in excellent hands. I’ll be sharing updates and photos on Instagram and Twitter as we get closer to release day.

—A.A., June 22, 2021

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In the United States and Canada, the hardcover is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Bookshop, Indigo, Powell's, and Workman. Worldwide, the book is available on Book Depository. As the book becomes available in other territories, I'll update this space.

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Book 2 in the Bad Arguments Series

Thank you all so much for making An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments such a fun and longlasting project. It's hard to believe it's been eight years since the summer of 2013 and that the project has reached 3.45 million readers during that time.

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